Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quote


Think of it as your home away from home—a house on wheels. And like your home and car, it needs its own policy to be properly insured. Protect your RV against damage from collision or hail and cover your liability at a campsite. There are different classes of RVs, so be sure to talk one of Arnold Insurance Agency’s independent agents to get the right RV insurance coverage.

ATVs and Snowmobiles

If you are someone who likes to get off the beaten path and blaze your own trails, you need to have a specialized off-road insurance policy. You will enjoy the great outdoors more when you know you are protecting your investment from damage or theft.


You may be “born to be wild,” but you’d better be responsible when hitting the road on your motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance, like automobile insurance, is designed to protect you and your motorcycle. Liability for bodily injury and property damage, uninsured or underinsured motorists, collision and comprehensive coverage, along with optional coverages for accessories, safety-related gear, and much more.


Boat insurance is not required by law, but given the cost of purchasing a boat, serious consideration should be given to both protect your investment and provide financial protection in case of damage or an accident. It is often possible to purchase boat insurance from the same company that covers your homeowners or auto insurance policies. This specialized policy may use terminology that you may not be familiar with. A knowledgeable independent insurance agent will help you select a policy that best meets your needs.

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